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Phone Recording Software:
Call Corder

Phone recording software that records phone calls directly to the hard disk using a modem.

Call Corder is a software-only computer call recorder. This phone recorder uses your voice modem to record phone conversations.

Call Corder records telephone conversations directly to your hard disk with a single push of button, optionally playing a legal disclaimer before recording a call (ideal for use in business environment). It stores calls as standard Windows sound files, adding a memo to allow fast and easy call navigation. The software is Caller ID compatible so there is no need to type caller's number and name: call logging will be matched with call detail record obtained from the Caller ID information.

Call Corder requires a PC with a voice modem or compatible TAPI board. Call Corder will only record one telephone line.


Phone Recording SoftwareRecord a phone call with a simple push of button, or enable automatic call recording.

Call Corder has an option to record incoming phone calls automatically. Automatic outgoing phone call recording is only available with dedicated telephony software.

The program can optionally compress phone calls being recorded in real time, while maintaining compatibility with Windows WAV format: the messages can be played or edited with any Windows sound recording application, including Windows Sound Editor.

Call Corder can work in cooperation with your answering machine box: it can start recording the phone call right after the answering machine finishes playing its greeting message. Call Corder will automatically hang up once a message is left and the other party disconnects.

System Requirements

This software call recorder is compatible with Windows 98, ME, Windows NT, 2000, and XP. One minute of uncompressed recorded conversation takes approximately 1 MB of your hard disk space, and less than 100 KB per minute with compression.

A compatible voice modem is required for phone recording. The software supports voice modems, telephony boards, and third-party platforms such as Way2Call HiPhone.

Call Recorder Features

  • Legal Disclaimer
    An optional legal disclaimer can be played automatically before a call is recorded to insure that the recording is legal.
  • Guide on Call Recording Laws
    A comprehensive Practical Guide on Legal Aspects of Recording Telephone Conversations is included as part of the documentation. Covers phone call recording laws of the Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and state-by-state guide for the US. Call recording legal guidelines and other legal aspects of call recording are covered.
  • Recorded Phone Calls on Your Disk
    Hundreds of hours of telephone conversations can be stored on your hard drive. All recorded phone calls are optionally compressed to maximize storage capacity.
  • Windows XP Compatible
    Supports Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP
  • Automatic Phone Call Recording
    Optional automatic call recording allows to start recording incoming calls automatically. On certain types of telephony devices the software supports automatic call recording when a telephone receiver is picked up. This feature is not available on most voice modems.
  • Quality Phone Call Recording
    High quality of phone recording by optional automatic gain control allows for automatic volume adjustment for a superior sound quality for virtually all types of telephone installations.
  • Call Logging and Annotating
    Every call is annotated for convenient future access.
  • Caller ID Call Recording
    Caller ID information automatically labels incoming phone calls: there is no need to manually annotate every recorded call (requires Caller ID service from telephone company).
  • E-Mail Call Forwarding
    Any recorded conversation, including your comments, can be forwarded via e-mail.
Call Corder can optionally display a Caller ID notification on every incoming call. This helps recording only the phone calls you want.

Call Corder can run silently in the system tray, recording all your incoming calls or only the calls you specify.

Caller ID Phone Recording


  • Buy Call Corder on-line.
  • Download a fully-functional free evaluation copy of Call Corder.

Evaluation version of Call Corder can be used for free during a 30-day trial period.

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