Advanced, simple-to-use answering machine software with Caller ID and call recording.
5-star Computer Answering Machine

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Advanced Call Center - an advanced, yet simple-to-use answering machine software for your voice modem. Call Corder - telephone call recording software
Product Advanced Call Center Call Corder
Unattended mode
  • answering machine

  • e-mail call forward

  • pager notification

  • automatic call recording (*)

Interactive mode
  • Caller ID
  • conversation recording
  • Caller ID
  • conversation recording
Caller ID yes yes
Caller ID alert yes yes
Faxing support ** yes no
E-mail forward automatic manual
Call Recording automatic automatic & manual
On-Hold music yes yes
Trial limitations 30-day time limit 30-day time limit
Trial version Download Download
Full version price $39.95 $49.95
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* Call Corder can record incoming calls automatically. On certain modems it supports automatic call recording when a receiver is lifted. This feature only works on those modems that support handset off-hook detection.
** Advanced Call Center will use a third-party fax software. No built-in faxing software supplied.


Turn your PC into a phone answering center! Call Display (Caller ID) service. When a call comes in to your line, the number and name of the caller will show on the display. If the incoming caller's number is blocked, "Private" or "Anonymous" will be displayed.