Advanced, simple-to-use answering machine software with Caller ID and call recording.
5-star Computer Answering Machine

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Advanced Call Center - an advanced, yet simple-to-use answering machine software for your voice modem. Call Corder - telephone call recording software
Product Advanced Call Center Call Corder
Unattended mode
  • answering machine

  • e-mail call forward

  • pager notification

  • automatic call recording (*)

Interactive mode
  • Caller ID
  • conversation recording
  • Caller ID
  • conversation recording
Caller ID yes yes
Caller ID alert yes yes
Faxing support ** yes no
E-mail forward automatic manual
Call Recording automatic automatic & manual
On-Hold music yes yes
Trial limitations 30-day time limit 30-day time limit
Trial version Download Download
Full version price $39.95 $49.95
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* Call Corder can record incoming calls automatically. On certain modems it supports automatic call recording when a receiver is lifted. This feature only works on those modems that support handset off-hook detection.
** Advanced Call Center will use a third-party fax software. No built-in faxing software supplied.


Turn your PC into a phone answering center! How to use 3-Way Calling 2). When he or she answers, press your receiver, link or flash button to establish your three-way connection. If the third person's line is busy or there is no answer, press your receiver, link or flash button twice to return to the person on hold.